Uppdaterad Portfolio

Min portfolio med uppdaterade arbeten hittar du på:

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Fretex - Radio

Student work: Radio spot for Fretex, Norway.
Brief: Get people to donate their laid of clothes.
Solution: Semi-erothic stories which are designed to make people think about something sexuall when we are actually talking about giving away laid of, stained and ragged clothes.

Spot 1

 Spot 2

Team: Bianca Olsson & Helge Brekke
Voice Talent: Christian Skolmen
Production company: Verdens Sterkeste Mann

Award: Diploma Gullblyanten 2012

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ANNO Marketing Group

Who: ANNO - The yearly publication of the second year Art Direction and Text & Copywriter students at Westerdals.
What: The MAgazine Anno had for the very first time it's own launch party. It was held at Alfreds Hage on Aker Brygge.  The purpose - to get people talking about, reading and buying the new edition. The theme was "Eden" and the issues theme was "Truth and Lies".

A launch party to get people talking about Anno

Small editorial in D2 Magazine.

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Toyota Avensis

Brief: Brand Toyota Avensis to the Northen European market, make it families number one choice family car.
What? A series of three TV-spots, spring/launch - fall - christmas, a print ad and a viral competition.

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Generasjon Y

What? A screenwriting competition for Ditt 2062 (Your 2062). Chosen with two other scripts to become short films with a budget of 100 000 NOK. The short went on winning the competition and was awarded an Amandus.

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Gullkalven 2012

This was an absolute huge project to take on, with everything from developing a concept, photo shoots, marketing, editorial publicity, posters, a webpage, writing briefs, handle economy, get sponsors, finding judges and design prizes to executing an award show. 
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