Toyota Avensis

Brief: Brand Toyota Avensis to the Northen European market, make it families number one choice family car.
What? A series of three TV-spots, spring/launch - fall - christmas, a print ad and a viral competition.



Here we reunite with our Avensis family. The print shows, that for this family Avensis is a part of everyday life. A car for life.
We see their house in a dollhouse perspective. It is morning. Their Avensis is exiting the driveway, driven by a child's hand that’s wearing a red shirt. Inside the house the younger sister is in her room, mom is listening to the radio and dad is making breakfast. In one of the rooms the boy (from the TV-spots) is playing and "drives" a car with his hand outside of a model house, that looks exactly like the family's real house.
Toyota Avensis – A Car for Life


Simultaneously as the first spot is airing, we will announce a soapbox car-competition and encourage children along with their parents to design the perfect soapbox-car. The competition will be spread through digital ads on pages like All entries are posted and one winner from each country will get their soapbox car manufactured by Toyota.
The very same winner will have their soapbox-car produced as a building kit. That building kit will then be given away to those who purchase a new 2013 Toyota Avensis. This way, it is not only the mother and father that gets a new car. Toyota provides a great driving experience to the whole family.